Stretch Wrap

Stretch Film Hand Wrap (ideal for manual wrapping)

CVI PE stretch film is produced with Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), which has a natural milky color, translucent with high impact strength and very flexible.

PE (Polyethylene) is translucent, very tough, weatherproof, with good chemical resistance and low water absorption.

CVI PE absorbs almost no water, fats, wine, acetone, glycerin and most types of oil.

PE density: 0.85 g/cm3
Melting temperature: ~ 120oC
Glass transition temperature: -100oC

Width: 10 – 100 cm (3.9 – 39”)
Item weight: 2 – 6 kg (4.4 – 13.2 lb.)
Thickness: 11 ~ 23 mic (0.0004 – 0.0009”)
Colour: Clear White, Light Blue, Midnight Black
Product Code: CN01

CVI PE Hand stretch film is thinner and weighs less than CVI PE Stretch Film Pallet Wrap
PE stretch film is easier to use in a manual operation due to its low weight

Machine Stretch Film Wrap

Width: 50 ~ 100 cm (19.5 – 39”)
Item weight: 10 – 16 kg (22 – 35 lb.)
Thickness: 15 ~ 23 mic (0.00059 – 0.0009”)
Raw material: LLDPE resin
Color: Black, White
Elasticity: 350%
Product Code: CN02

CVI PE Stretch Film Pallet (pallet wrap) is ideal for your pallet wrapping. PE could save 60% cost and 40% time. It also brings convenience, flexibility, speed and cost efficiency.
PE wrap keeps items tightly bound together and protects them from any possible damage

Stretch Film (Jumbo Rolls)

Extended use and less changing of rolls

Width: 50 ~ 100 cm (19.5 – 39”)
Item weight: 29 – 35 kg (63 – 77 lb.)
Thickness: 15 ~ 23 mic (0.00059 – 0.0009”)
Raw material: LLDPE resin
Color: Black, White
Elasticity: 350%
Product Code: CN03

Protective Cover sheets (for Pallets)

Top cover to protect Pallets

• Keep your shipments safe and looking the same when they arrive as when they were shipped
• Heavy construction design, with high elasticity, tough, lightweight, waterproof, easy to use and at a reasonable price
• Perfect also for construction drop-sheets
• Also for waterproof membranes for pouring concrete
• Many sizes and colors available. Call for details

Protective Film

Safe Protection For Your Products

For products such as televisions, air conditioners,
automobiles, motorbikes or any other product whose
surface is metal, aluminum, wood, ceramic tiles or glass or of high value and aesthetics.

Use our film to cover the surface and allow for safe transportation. High adhesion without leaving glue residue
on removal.

Blue Film: Used in protection of floor surfaces for construction work, plastic, glass, electrostatic aluminum, metal surfaces, ceramic tiles, decorative stone.

White Film: Used in the protection of the glass, LCD screens, number plates, name plates, protection of automotive surfaces during spraying.

Raw material: PE Resin mixture
Color: Blue, white
Width: 1250 mm (49”)
Length: 200m-500m-1000m (655 – 1640 – 3280 ft)
Adhesion: 200gf / 25mm – 700gf / 25mm
Product Code: SP02

Spa Liners for Pedicure Chair

For use in Beauty Salons and Nail Spas

Made to strict adherence to health regulations.

Length: 90 ~ 130 cm (35 – 51”)
Quantity/box: 400 pcs
Box weight: 6.6 kg (14.5 lb.)
Raw material: LLDPE
Color: Blue, White
Product Code: LN01

Strapping Material

We offer 2 Types of Strapping Material

With a variety of applications and uses, it is important to understand the different types of strapping materials. The materials used come in multiple strength levels as well as elongation and recovery rates.

Elongation and recovery are important for loads that are susceptible to sudden shifting.
The movement will apply tension to the strap as the load shifts.
As the shifting occurs, a strap can stretch to reduce the impact of sudden inertia changes.

The straps recovery ability will indicate the straps ability to return to its original state

PP (polypropylene) Straps

Save your shipped goods from damage and loss

Polypropylene strapping is an economical strapping material.
It’s designed for light to medium duty unitizing, palletizing and bundling

• Economical
• Highest Level of Elongation
• Little Recovery
• Low Strength

Use for:
• Light to Medium Duty Unitizing
• Short Transportation Trips
• Loads Protected from Environmental Conditions

Raw material: PP resin mix
Size: Custom made to your specifications
Colors: Various
Product code: SP05

PET (polyester) Straps

Durable and strong strapping for your pallet shipments

• Made from minimum 80% recycled materials
• High breaking strength
• Strongest choice in plastic strapping
• High tension level
• Greater elongation
• High recovery

Use for:
• Medium to heavy loads
• Loads that may settle or expand during shipping
• Loads that might shift
• Reinforcing heavy packages and loads

Raw material: PET
Size: Custom made to your specifications
Color: Green
Product code: SP04

OPP Shipping/Packing Tape

Durable and strong for the toughest packing job

Excellent adhesion and very durable
Tape surface: smooth and clear
High glue density: 40/50 microns for standard/heavy duty tapes
Width: 50 mm (2”)
Raw material: OPP
Color: Clear white, opaque yellow
Length: 10 – 300 m (33 – 3000 ft.)
Elasticity: 5% – 150%
Many widths and lengths available
Product code: SP03

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