A masterbatch is comprised of plastic or bio=polymer pellets that contain concentrated amounts of additives such as processing aids, colorants, anti-stats, light stabilizers, fillers, etc.

We specialize in Masterbatch production and our masterbatch is supplied in pure form. Masterbatches encapsulate the additive in a resin or liquid. This encapsulation reduces, or in most cases eliminates, the hazardous nature of the additive. It also removes the numerous potential hazards of handling powders.

The usual ratio of masterbatch to the base resin is 1 to 5 percent, saving you money, time and increasing safety.
We are one of the few who can offer a non-plastic masterbatch.

Our Masterbatch Product Offering:

Anti BlockAnti FogAnti Oxidant
Anti RodentAnti StaticAnti Viral and Bacterial
Bio DegradableBio FillerBio Polymer
Flame RetardantNano CopperNano Silver
PIB Stretch MasterbatchSlip Masterbatch
UV MasterbatchVCI MasterbatchPlant based

Bio Polymer

- Plant Based


• compostable bio polymer
• biodegradable
• easy to process in all blown film extruders

The world is evolving and the polymer industry has to make a rapid shift to a new situation where sustainability is a priority for governments, companies and consumers. 

The European Union, Indian Govt and more than 60 nations globally are restricting the use of mono-use materials.

The vision for 2030 is to reduce the amount of plastics that go to the landfill.

Conventional materials, such as PE, PP or PS, have traditionally been used by the industry to produce containers and other plastic films that are obtained from fossil resources that, due in many cases, due to multi-material mixtures or to food contamination cannot be easily recycled.


Bio polymer can be processed in most co extrusion or monolayer lines. Being made from corn starch they can degrade and are compostable within 6 months of exposure to landfill.

They can be processed as carry bags, mailer bags, stretch films, hot and cold food packaging, shrink films, injection moulding, paper lamination, hygiene disposables, 3D printing etc.

Bio Degradeable

- Plant Based


• 1% dosage
• 6-24 months degradation
• transparent
• can be multi colour printed

Oxo-biodegradable has a tendency to degrade when it comes into contact with sunlight, heat and micro-organisms.

These are made of newly inventive additives that when mixed with raw materials and will cause the plastic to photo-degrade. It degrades thermally and chemically as litter in anaerobic and aerobic facilities.

It degrades to lower molecular weights as a result becomes rigid and fragmented until digested by the micro-organisms and then back to the basic elements of carbon dioxide, biomass and water.


Generally, in households, offices, hotels and hospitals are the places where maximum waste is generated. In order to organize the waste systematically, cheap, light, waterproof polyethylene bags are used.

Oxo-biodegradable plastic degrades due to exposure to the elements (sunlight, heat, and micro-organisms). Two years is an estimation based on the average conditions.

Anti Viral and Bacterial

- Plant Based

1st Plant based Anti Viral & Bacterial MB


• 99% reduction of virus in 1 minute
• food safe
• made from plant extracts
• available in pe, hd, pp, pc, eva and pc

A specially formulated material that can keep surfaces clear of viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

This serves as a new line of defence against virus and bacteria. It reduces microbes from surfaces of the product by greater than 99% In 1 minute.

The additive in the MB is safe for human touch, has passed FDA 21 CFR 117.1520 testing for food contact safety. The active additive is an edible product and safe for dermal contact at dosage levels.

The MB has been tested as per IS 21702 at intervals of 1 min, 5 min, 15 min and 4 hours for virus eradication performance and ISO 22196 for anti bacterial performance.

Keep U Safe masterbatch is a fully plant obtained & natural additives based masterbatch for manufacturing Anti Microbial films, injection and blow moulding products.

Other grades made from LDPE, EVA, PC bases are used to make envelopes, carry bags, gloves, aprons, gowns, PPE Coveralls, airline seat covers, polycoated paper, screen protection films.

It helps to prevent cross contamination from surfaces by reducing pathogens.

Anti Viral and Bacterial
Nano Silver


• 99% reduction of pathogens in 24 hours
• made from nano silver ions
• made with no odour formula
• available in pe, pp, pc, eva and pc

At low addition rates they offer excellent protection against bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould, for the lifetime of the final product.

CVI nano silver masterbatch has silver ions that is a good antimicrobial agent ideally for refrigerators, washing machines, medical devices, healthcare facilities products, public places fixtures and furniture and generally deactivate the virus & bacteria within 24 hours.

Our masterbatch requires no changes to your manufacturing process and can be added at the dosing stage, without affecting the appearance of the end product.


The microbial lifespan can now be altered in many applications
Food: including packaging, food containers, cutting-boards, food conveyor belts etc.
Hygiene: including mattress covers, protective equipment such as overalls, face masks, hair nets, caps, gloves, garbage and laundry bags.
Transportation/Office/Home: including handrails, door handles, seats, walls etc. in cars, buses, trains etc.

Anti Viral and Bacterial
Nano Copper


• 99% reduction of bacteria in 24 hrs
• made from nano copper particles
• available in pe, pp, pc, eva and pc

Metals, such as copper, can be extremely effective against bacteria in exceptionally low concentrations.

Because of this biocidal activity, metals have been widely used as antimicrobial agents in a multitude of applications related with agriculture, healthcare, and the industry in general.

Unlike other antimicrobial agents, metals are stable under conditions currently found in the industry allowing their use as additives.

Cu nanoparticles can be more easily oxidized when interacting with cell membranes containing higher O2 concentration as compared to the cell media


Nano Copper can be used in applications involving mass production of thermoplastics.
Food: including packaging, food containers, cutting-boards, food conveyor belts etc.
Hygiene: including mattress covers, protective equipment such as overalls, face masks, hair nets, caps, gloves, garbage and laundry bags.
Transportation/Office/Home: including handrails, door handles, seats, walls etc. in cars, buses, trains etc.

VCI Masterbatch


• 100% GRADE 3 corrosion protection
• VCI speedy moisture technology
• Multi-metal protection

We are offering Anti corrosion VCI films with the help of technically advanced production units.

They can be used for packaging ball bearings, automotive spare parts and other metal components. It is strong as well as light weight.

It is formulated to provide the protection against moist environments and corrosion.

The following features make our product the best in the market:

Passes German TL 8135-002 test
Passes Razor blade test
Passes NACE TM0208 test Nitrite and secondary amine free
Proven and used by major VCI manufacturers


Metals oxidize quickly without proper protection.
Our Anti corrosion VCI films provide protection against oxidation in any harsh environment.

Anti Rodent


• prevents electrical short circuits
• made from a bitter substance
• available in eva, pe, hd, pvc, pc base

Protect your wire and cable, grain covers or other products from rats, rodents or termites with these non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmentally safe masterbatches.

The active substance used is non-hygroscopic, does not migrate within the polymer and resists leaching under typical conditions.

We can also develop formulations that incorporate other properties to enhance processing or mechanical properties.

It works as a substitute for metallic armor, glass roving or special engineered polymers such as PA12, which are often adopted to protect cables from animals or insects.


Anti-Rodent and Anti-Rat additive concentrates provide a cost-effective alternative to other methods.

These solutions avert rats, rodents, birds or insects when used in cable jacketing or protective corrugated pipe.

Laboratory tests with aggressive species of rats, rodents and termites have proven these concentrates effectiveness in protecting end products.

UV Masterbatch

Absorbers & Stabilizers


• confirms to GE ITN standard 54750.02
• tested for 322KLY exposure 7337 hours
• confirms to EN 13206, ISO 4892-2

UV attack by sunlight can be ameliorated or prevented by adding polymer UV stabilizers, usually prior to shaping the product by injection moulding.

UV stabilizers in plastics usually act by absorbing the UV radiation preferentially, and dissipating the energy as low-level heat.

The chemicals used are similar to those in sunscreen products, which protect skin from UV attack. The effects of UV degradation on materials that require a long service life can be measured with accelerated exposure tests.

With modern solar concentrator technologies, it is possible to simulate over 60 years of natural UV radiation exposure on a test device in a single year.


CVI UV is a synergistic mixture of additives. It is a versatile light stabilizer with good extraction resistance, low gas-fading and low pigment interaction.

It is particularly well suited for LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE films, tapes and thick sections and for PP films. It is used in tarpaulins, shrink films, greenhouse films, polycarbonate sheets, UV stabilizers prevent this damage and will also impede chalking.

These functional additives can either reflect or absorb UV light before it can begin polymer degradation and fade the product’s color.

The UV absorbers will absorb the light and dissipate its energy.

Anti Fog


cold & hot fog


• confirms to GE ITN standard 54750.02
• tested for 322KLY exposure 7337 hours
• confirms to EN 13206, ISO 4892-2

Antifog masterbatch is formulated to reduce or prevent formation of water droplets on the surface of the product by merging them and form the continues transparent layer in order to maintain the clarity of film.

Food packaging and horticulture firms are designed in such a way that prevent water droplet cloudiness, low volatility and also prevent yellowish effect along with negative effect over transparency and odor of the film.

The following factors are taken into consideration while the process take place: Thickness of the film and condition of the manufacturing process, Methods of production.


CVI anti-fogging treatments are used on plastic surfaces such as bags and plastic films.

Anti-fogging treatments, can be placed onto the surface of optically clear plastic products, or put into a masterbatch format to become an inherent part of the plastic, work by minimizing surface tension — which results in a non-scattering film of water instead of single droplets.

This works by altering the degree of wetting.

Anti Static


• lowers surface resistivity
• permanent and temporary grades available
• available as pe, hd, pvc, pc, eva & abs base

Antistatic masterbatch is formulated in order to eliminate the electric charges on the surface of the polymer.

Electric charges tend to cause many problems like attracting dust which ruins the clarity of film and surface finishing, or damaging electronic equipment.

Antistatic additives are used with all polymers in injection molded, extruded applications and blow molded.

It functions in molecular or multi -molecular layers and attract water molecules from the atmosphere. The water lowers the surface resistivity 109 to 1011 ohms.

Without antistatic additives, the surface resistivity of plastic is between 1012 to 1015 ohms.


Antistatic masterbatches are used in manufacturing of appliances and are used in washing machines, refrigerators etc.

These are also used in electronic products.

In order to achieve a higher conductivity, conductive fillers like carbon black, carbon fiber and powdered metal are added to the plastic.

Flame Retardant


• reduce or eliminate fire and flame
• halogenated and non halogenated grades
• available in pe, hd, pc, abs, eva base

Plastics are combustible as they are based on hydrocarbons. Flame retardant masterbatch is designed to delay the spread of fire in order to protect people and property. Flame retardants are categorized as follows:

Phosphorous compounds that form char. It hinders the release of combustible gases and acts as shield in order to protect the polymer from heat of flame.

Bromine Flame Retardant releases the active bromine atoms into the gas phases before the material reaches its ignition temperature and the chemical reactions quenches within the flame.

This prevents the spread of fire.
Inorganic compounds are used in large concentrations in order to achieve the desired results.


Flame retardants are used in numerous applications to reduce the risk of fire spread.

Some typical applications are Upholstered Furniture, Buildings, Cables, Transport (airplanes, ships, trains, cars), tarpaulins, industrial shrink films, home appliances, automotive parts, electrical parts, electronics.

It reduces the risk of endangering consumers even when the product gets damages or catches fire thus minimizing the risk and protection human life and health.

PIB Masterbatch


• low dosage levels
• no telescoping of rolls
• high clarity imparted to the film

PIB Masterbatch has utility in household, agriculture and industrial films. It acts as cling agent to make stretchable films from LLDPE and LDPE.

It is a concentrate of high molecular weight Polyisobutylene in linear low density.
It is formulated to produce stretch wraps which can be used in both blown or cast film process.

PIB masterbatch satisfies the following traits:

* Adjustable according to the product.

* Eliminates die build up. Imparts smooth, glossy and smooth surfaces to extrude.

* Acts as safeguard to product.

* Best in quality and cost advantageous.

* Available for domestic, agriculture and industrial products.


PIB Compound is available in granule form which is very easy to handle as against the direct dosing of PIB liquid which is very difficult & tedious to handle due to high viscosity.

Our PIB Compound distributes very uniformly over the entire film imparting the strength & tackiness properties to the film with self adhesive properties.

And this property of the film helps to bind the packages together with proper grip. In multilayer films, PIB Compound is used only in one layer, the upper layer and the adding ratio is determined by the film thickness and on the layer to be used.


• maintain clarity of film
• food grade additive used
• available in pe, hd, pvc, eva, pc base


Generally, the manufacturers have to encounter with the problem of blocking of films. Anti block masterbatch is required to modify the surface characteristics of the polymer film by reducing blocking, facilitating handling and processing.

Blocking is the adhesion of two adjacent layer of the film. This problem is generally required to deal with polyethylene and polypropylene films. The blocking of adjacent layers of film occur due to the presence of Ven Der Waal’s forces between the regions of the film.

As the distance reduces between two layers the forces increase and end up with blocking.
This causes the hindrance in production process.


The use of masterbatches called “ANTIBLOCK” resolves two major problems often encountered in the film industry.

1 – The facilitation of rolling film coils. During film rolling, air bubbles can be trapped between successive spires which can cause small localised flaws. The coils thus manufactured are no longer cylindrical, and the film isn’t perfectly flat when it is unrolled.

2 – The “blocking” effect results from the adhesion developed between two smooth layers of film placed in contact with each other with polyethylene and polypropylene films, by a “CAST” or an “inflation” (BLOWN) process, even after lamination.

Slip Agent Masterbatch

• lowers co-efficient of friction
• fast and slow booming grades available
• available in pe, pp, pc, eva and pc


Slip masterbatch enhances the surface finishing of polymer by reducing the coefficient of friction (COF). It also maintains the optic properties like clarity, brilliance and transparency of film.

The thickness of film and the amount of slip agent must be reduced to maintain the same coefficient of friction.

We are providing the best quality material by which excellent lamination and metalizing properties, excellent printing ability, proper handling of goods in packing machines, smooth winding and unwinding of films, avoids cracking of sheets during processing etc. can be achieved.


It is recommended for many applications like film, sheet and injection moulding.

As slip agents, fatty acid amides (Oleamide, Erucamide and Stearamide) are normally used.

During processing they are solubilized in the amorphous melt, but as the polymer cools and crystallizes the fatty acid amides are squeezed out forming a lubricating layer at the polymer surface. The addition of slip agents can prevent film sticking and pulling helping to increase throughput.

Anti Oxidant

- Plant Based

• 99% reduction of virus in 1 minute
• made from plant extracts
• available in pe, pp, pc, eva and pc


Heating and oxidation are the main reason of deterioration of plastic. Antioxidant masterbatch prevents from oxidative degradation during process and end use. It is formulated to combat thermo-oxidative decomposition.

Advanced production technology is used in order to provide the best quality antioxidant additives to the customers according to their requirement.

It is designed to enhance the quality of polymers in all aspects like shine, smoothness, stability and physical appearance.


A wide range of antioxidant masterbatches are available for the polymer processing industries like cable industries, pipes, reprocessing, filled compounds etc.

Preventive Antioxidants or Secondary Antioxidants are formulated to hinder the formation of free radicals in order to interrupt the oxidative cycle. Hydro peroxides are converted into non radical and thermally stable products through the mechanism of hydro peroxide decomposition.

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