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CVI is a developer and manufacturer of specialized sustainable chemistry used in industrial coatings, printing, foodservice packaging, and advanced coatings for various industries.

From helping keeping food fresh, to keeping electronics manufacturing safe from static discharge, to keeping floors bacteria free, CVI‘s environmentally conscious solutions protect and enhance the materials that shape our world.

At CVI Ltd. We are committed to creating recyclable, re-pulpable packaging substrates for use in food and other commercial packaging.

There are four major barrier systems in use in packaging today:

• Wax
• Extruded polyolefin films
• Metalized film
• Aqueous barrier coatings

At CVI we use Aqueous coatings to create barriers for food packaging

Let’s look at the differences.

Wax has a long history of being difficult to deal with in re-pulping.

Because the wax is applied to the fiber as a liquid, it has often penetrated deep into the fiber, making separating wax from fiber difficult.

Further, because it has density similar to that of fiber, it can’t be separated from the fiber during recycling using density difference cleaners popular in most paper mills.

Further, at typical paper machine white water temperatures, wax is highly pliable, making screening it out difficult as well.

Extruded poly films are the most popular material of packaging at present.

But are difficult to recycle for a different reason.

While they separate readily from the fiber, they break up into “sheets” of poly that are quick to blind screens in mill recycling systems.

Metalized film is almost impossible to re-pulp as the metal is sprayed/deposited on the film and forms a homogeneous material.

Most metalized films are disposed of in landfills.

Aqueous barrier coatings may be designed using a combination of a coating and filler that separates easily from the fiber.

Our studies showed that about 93% of the fiber is recovered. Further, the coating breaks up into 1-2 mm “flakes” which are easily screened out in the mill recycling process.

Or, the flakes may be allowed to go out with the paper.

Safe to say, of the options available, the aqueous coats are the closest thing to re-pulpable.

We also found that as our coating is firm, and under the shear of the pulper, it fractures rather than flows.

The coating we have now is designed to do just that; to fracture into small film pieces in mill recycling systems.

Why are CVI coatings better?

CVI has developed a lower cost system of coating both paper and film that replaces conventional non-recyclable food or other packaging.

Our system can be customized to exact customer moisture, grease and gas/aroma barrier requirements.

Our process creates a barrier system that optimizes their particular barrier strength.

It offers excellent barriers while remaining 100% recyclable, compostable and re-pulpable.

We are also introducing our new bio-degradable substrate that will bio-degrade within 6 months.

An added benefit to the system is that it exhibits a 200 C (300 F) lower heat seal activation temperature than existing competitive products.

This improves line speed and reduces electricity consumption.

Line speeds up to 1500 feet per minute can be used to manufacture the material which is faster than the regular PET film type at present and can be applied in one single pass at commercial line speeds.

The final coating should be between 5 and 25% lighter than existing commercial structures.

A further saving in costs and freight. We are helping to reduce the carbon footprint in packaging.

NEW !!!

CVI introduces our new bio-degradable, clear, plant-based,
Anti-bacterial bags for bread, fruit and vegetables

The ideal Packaging Film – clear, bio-degradable and kills bacteria.

A specially formulated material that can keeps surfaces clear of viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

This serves as a new line of defense against viruses and bacteria.

It reduces microbes from surfaces of the product by greater than 99% in 1 minute.

The additive is safe for human touch, has passed FDA 21 CFR 117.1520 testing for food contact safety.

The active additive is an edible product and safe for dermal contact at dosage levels.

It has been tested as per IS 21702 at intervals of 1 min, 5 min, 15 min and 4 hours for virus eradication performance and ISO 22196 for anti- bacterial performance.

This is a fully plant obtained & natural additives based for manufacturing Anti Microbial films, injection and blow moulding products.

Other grades made from LDPE, EVA, PC bases are used to make envelopes, carry bags, gloves, aprons, gowns, PPE Coveralls, airline seat covers, polycoated paper and screen protection films.

It helps to prevent cross contamination from surfaces by reducing pathogens.

The ideal Packaging Film – clear, bio-degradable and kills bacteria.

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