Floor Protection

CVI introduces the ultimate floor protection
Durable, easy to apply and kills bacteria

We protect you from the floor up

CVI is a developer and manufacturer of specialized sustainable chemistry used in industrial coatings, printing, foodservice packaging, and advanced coatings for various industries.

From helping keeping food fresh, to keeping electronics manufacturing safe from static discharge, to keeping floors bacteria free, CVI‘s environmentally conscious solutions protect and enhance the materials that shape our world.

Wax: About as Eco-Unfriendly As you Could imagine.

Wax has been the traditional floor protector for the last 40 or 50 years.
Originally a natural product, it is now synthetic and is typically removed and re-applied several times per year.
Wax is a soft product that can protect a floor for a short time, but in order to regain the shine of a ‘waxed’ floor, the wax is stripped and new wax is applied.
The used wax and scrub-water goes directly into the waste stream.

CVI Umbrella Shield® Floor Protectant and Anti-Bacterial Coating


1. Does not use de-ionized water (use minimal regular H2O)
2. Uses regular water – it is a water-based mixture
3. Does not use Formaldehyde to preserve colour
4. Polymer emulsion – uses a minimal amount
5. Modifiers – uses a minimal amount
6. Does not use Film Formers
7. Low viscosity – using a little goes a long way


• Has a low CO2 emission profile
• No continuous disposal into the waste stream as does wax
• During manufacture does not pollute waterways and rivers with toxic effluent
• Uses relatively little energy during manufacture
• Uses relatively little energy during installation
• Longer lasting than wax – years vs. months

CVI Umbrella Shield® Floor Coating –
Kill Viruses and Bacteria with our CVI-6001 Additive

This specially formulated material keeps surfaces, including floors, clear of viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

This serves as a new line of defence against virus and bacteria. 

It reduces microbes from surfaces by greater than 99% In 1 minute.

The additive is safe for human touch, and has passed FDA 21 CFR 117.1520 testing for food contact safety.

The active additive is an edible product and safe for dermal contact at dosage levels.

It also helps to prevent cross contamination from surfaces by reducing pathogens.

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