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With a vision to improve the sustainability and anticipating market trends and future environmental regulations, Hi Tech Group, a 38 year old manufacturer of masterbatches, resins and films has developed a new range of renewable and compostable biobased biopolymers.

Our bio polymers are produced from Corn Starch in the agriculture rich region of Punjab, India and available in 45 countries globally.

Hi Tech Group’s commitment towards sustainability is oriented to reduce the greenhouse gasses impact, minimize the dependence on fossil oil derivatives, promote the use of renewable energies and to reduce the plastic waste in the environment.

Following our core values, we have optimized our production processes in order to reduce the generated waste with a “zero waste” policy and to minimize our Co2 footprint impact from our activities.

The vision for 2030 is to drastically reduce the amount of plastics that go to the landfill. Conventional materials, such as PE, PP or PS, have traditionally been used by the industry to produce containers and other plastic films that are obtained from fossil resources that, in many cases, due to multi-material mixtures or to food contamination cannot be easily recycled.

When using the Dr Bio, plastic waste can be valued as compost, hence the reduction of the amount of plastics into the environment is guaranteed.

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In-house design and manufacturing capability
12000 MT per annum film manufacturing capacity
1150 Team members globally
140+ Sales and Service Managers
24/7 Office and Online Support.

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