Carboard Boxes


CVI is a developer and manufacturer of specialized sustainable chemistry used in industrial coatings, printing, foodservice packaging, and advanced coatings for various industries.

From helping keeping food fresh, to keeping electronics manufacturing safe from static discharge, to keeping floors bacteria free, CVI‘s environmentally conscious solutions protect and enhance the materials that shape our world.

New generation Box Options
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  • Eliminate the soft, soggy, mouldy, squishy cardboard box.
  • Once a regular cardboard box is in contact with water, it will become soft.
  • With CVI Umbrella Shield® coatings, we eliminate soggy cardboard.
  • Ideal for shipping fresh produce and frozen foods. Our boxes are recyclable and re-pulpable.
Corrugated Box Specialists

CVI manufactures various types of corrugated board and boxes.

From regular slotted, to custom designs, we have the capability to take your requirements from concept to creation.

Our Umbrella Shield® coatings can make your box Waterproof, Greaseproof, Anti-Static or Anti-Bacterial (or any combination) – contact us for more info.

Specialty: Pizza boxes and other food packaging boxes. We offer a greaseproof box to eliminate greasy hands and surfaces.

CVI Corrugated:

• Full service box manufacturer
• Over 50 Years of experience in the box industry
• Full design capability
• Offers cost savings programs to reduce or eliminate packaging
• Product design and testing
• Custom corrugated packaging


• Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)
• Overlap Slotted Container (OSC)
• Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)
• Snap or 1-2-3 Bottom Container with Tuck Top
• Snap or 1-2-3 Bottom Container with RSC Top
• Integral Divider Container, RSC with Internal Divider or Self Divider Box
• Full Telescope Design Style Container (FTD)
• Design Style Container with Cover (DSC)
• Octagonal Double Cover Container (DC)
• One Piece Folder (OPF)
• One Piece Folder with Air Cell/End Buffers, Protect All or Book-wrap
• Roll End Tray with Locking Cover
• Roll End Tray with Tuck Top and Interior Bottom Flaps or Reverse Walker Lock with Inside Tuck Top

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