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CVI Plant BasedUmbrella Shield Anti-BAC®

– Kills Bacteria in less than a minute


What is ALX Umbrella Shield Anti-Bac®

ALX Umbrella Shield® is a safe, environmentally friendly technology that creates an invisible shield on surfaces, or in solids providing long lasting protection against germs, bacteria and viruses.

ALX Umbrella Shield Anti-Bac® Liquid has been tested and proven to be effective for up to 8 weeks per application. In accelerated tests the effect in Anti-Bac® solids is up to one year.

What’s the big deal about ALX Umbrella Shield Anti-Bac® products?

We have 2 bacteria fighting compositions available

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Anti-Viral, Anti-Microbial Coating/Spray – Plant Based

Patent Pending

A specially formulated material that can keep surfaces clear of viruses, bacteria and pathogens. This serves as a new line of defence against viruses and bacteria.

It reduces microbes from surfaces of the product by greater than 99% in less than 1 minute

The additive in the coating/spray is safe for human touch and has passed FDA 21 CFR 117.1520 testing for food contact safety. The active additive is an edible product and safe for dermal contact at dosage levels.

The coating/spray has been tested as per IS 21702 at intervals of 1 min, 5 min, 15 min and 4 hours for virus eradication performance and ISO 22196 for anti bacterial performance.

The coating/spray is fully plant obtained and has natural additives and can produce an anti-bacterial surface for films, paper, non-woven materials and many other substrates.

Typical products would be envelopes, carry bags, gloves, aprons, gowns, PPE Coveralls, airline seat covers, paper protectors etc.

The spray can also simply be used as an ongoing surface treatment of any potential bacteria areas.

It also helps to prevent cross contamination from surfaces by reducing pathogens.

ALX Umbrella Shield Anti-Bac® bonds to surfaces and creates an invisible shield of microscopic particles that kill pathogens. By killing these germs, ALX Umbrella Shield Anti-Bac® prevents mutation, resistance and the development of superbugs.

Other sanitizers traditionally use poison or alcohol to kill but have no lasting properties (hands and surfaces can easily become contaminated again)

Once ALX Umbrella Shield Anti-Bac® has bonded to a surface it provides continuous protection and continuously kills any new germs.
• Protect the people in your life
• Reduce sickness and absenteeism
• Save money

ALX Umbrella Shield Anti-Bac® Coating/Spray
Has been tested effective for up to 60 days with one application
Can be used on any surface
Food safe so it’s perfect for the kitchen or anywhere in the house
Non-toxic, plant-based and gentle on sensitive skins including infants and children
Apply weekly to key touch points and surfaces (tabletops, door handles, light switches, toilet seats and flush handles etc.)

Anti-Viral, Anti-Microbial Masterbatch – Plant Based Additive

Patent Pending

The European Union and more than 60 nations globally are restricting the use of mono-use materials. The goal today is to reduce the amount of plastics that go into landfills.

We supply a unique Masterbatch that is a fully plant obtained product with natural additives base for manufacturing Anti-Microbial films, envelopes, carry bags, gloves, aprons, gowns, PPE Coveralls, airline seat covers, poly-coated paper, screen protection films etc.

Conventional materials, such as PE, PP or PS, have traditionally been used by the industry to produce containers and plastic films that are obtained from fossil resources that, in many cases cannot be easily recycled, due to multi-material mixtures or to food contamination.

After strenuous testing, eradication was found to be:


99.16% Reduction of Virus within one minute

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