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CVI Ltd. is a Canadian incorporated company having Research and Development laboratories in Canada with manufacturing and sales facilities in Canada, U.S.A. and Vietnam.

Who We Are

CVI began as a research and development company, specializing in Environmentally friendly products based on sustainable and environmental ideology.

Over the years we have developed advanced ESD, Anti-bacterial, Packaging and many engineered Coatings for a greener world, and have manufacturing facilities in Vietnam.
About Our Products

Our products are geared toward a greener planet. We have engineered bio-degradable paper straws, food and other packaging for various industries, waterproof cardboard boxes for packaging, greaseproof packaging for food items – we are continuously adding to our range of products.

Our ESD paper is unique to the electronics industry.
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Ralph Cilevitz
Canada / USA
Jimmy Nguyen
Founder & Director
Canada / Vietnam
James Quek
Co-Founder & Director
Singapore / Vietnam
Hung Phan
Sales Director

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Canada: (905) 761-0370(647) 671-5375

Vietnam/Singapore: (65) 9088 8038